Een oude bekende onder een nieuwe naam Windbag. De engelse versie van de aloude KretologieMixer.

Het schijnt dat zelfs Hillary Clinton de App gebruikt in de tv-debatten met windbag Trump...

"Ever been to a meeting where nothing is said, no decisions are taken, a lot of windbags at the table?
This App will help you cope with that.
The moment you spot a windbag, start the App. The App will provide you with more wind than the windbag can handle. While he/she is still trying to understand what you are actually saying, you throw in a new 'windy' remark.

In following meetings you attend the windbag will remain silent because of the risk of losing face again.
The result? Meetings will become more efficient..."



1. The flexible air-filled chamber of a bagpipe or similar instrument.
2. talkative person who communicates nothing of substance or interest.
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