SpeakingEnglish like a native is what all students of English as a second language dream of. However, reaching that end is not a matter of dreaming, but of working hard.
Learning to speak a foreign language is first of all a matter of listening very carefully, so that you can distinguish even minor differences between sounds. The second step is that you learn how to imitate native speakers to pronounce these different sounds. The final step is that you take over this typically English language behaviour, and make it your own.
This programme will help you to do so! It will make you familiar with all the typically English sounds and sound effects that are essential for speaking English like a native.
After going through the programme both your speaking and your reading will sound more ‘English’ than ever!

What you find in “SpeakingEnglish” is:

• A survey of all the typically English sounds and sound effects
• Many spoken examples
• Lots of practice opportunities
• Advice of how to turn you into a speaker of perfect English!