What is more fun than chatting in public areas with (until now) unknown people? And when this first contact is a success, meet these people and have fun together.

No need to stay alone when you’re going out!
No need to do the things, you’d like to do, on your own anymore!

None of your friends wants to join you?
Maybe someone else does!

Like to meet new people with (whatever...) shared interests?

Just chat freely between two persons or in a group.

Write your thoughts, ideas, jokes, questions, etc. to your new friends in that public area or outside (within range). Is there a funnier way of meeting new people?
The other persons with FirstContact are also interested in meeting new people!
With the “Introduction Line” you tell others in one sentence what you are looking for. And they can react (or not)...

If short messages are not sufficient use FirstContact to exchange notes with larger content.
Use FirstContact also to exchange small drawings (sketches).