Do you keep falling asleep during meetings and conference calls? The BuzzwordBingo keeps you alert and awake!

Just choose a Bingo-card (4x4, 5x5, 6x6) in a specific language (English, Dutch, German).
Every time you hear one of the Bingo-words during a meeting press the specific button until you have a row, column or diagonal completed (Bingo!).

What you do now is up to you: in any way just shout out loud: “Bingo!”, after that you can possibly pick up your things and leave the meeting.
Isn't a full Bingo-card a sign of a meaningless meeting!?

The positive effect of the use of BuzzwordBingo (apart from the fun) is that the usage of these meaningless phrases will decrease dramatically during your meetings. People are aware that they risk to look silly!

Supported languages English, Dutch and German!

A lot of fun during your meetings!